About Me

With a full time retail schedule it is very difficult to juggle work, family, and running, especially when training for a marathon. I wasn't always a runner. I was on my high school track team - for one week and then gave it up again until I was in my thirties. I am big on goal setting and after seeing the awesomely terrific movie The Bucket List I decided that running a marathon would be on mine. That fall I ran my first marathon (Detroit 2008) and have run five more since (Bayshore 2009, Columbus 2009, Detroit 2011, and Grand Rapids 2012 & 2013). I am addicted. I hope to show people that everyone can run. That no matter how busy your schedule is you can and should make time. The benefits for me have been great and now I enjoy watching my daughter begin her cross country career.

I am not professionally trained in sports, sports medicine, or training.  My advice comes strictly through my own personal experiences.   I have found that by talking to friends and coworkers about what I do to train and stay fit that many have been inspired to try it themselves.  The internet is an absolutely wonderful opportunity to reach more people and my hope is that because I am just a normal person going out there and doing it that more people will be able to feel that they too can go out and do it.  This year a friend talked me into starting P90X and just like with running, I am addicted.

The company I work for, Art Van Furniture, has offered me continuous opportunity to grow along side this magnificent organization.  The owner is one of the largest philanthropists in the state of Michigan and he recently said, "It is easy to make a buck.  It is much harder to make a difference."  For him it seems effortless.  It comes from his heart and is genuine.  Watching his impact on the many communities he affects has inspired me to want to help in my own way.  You see, many people feel that making a difference requires money, but there are so many more ways to help.  Each of us is unique and has our own gift to give the world.  Putting our experiences out there for others is one way to do so.  It's the little things that  make a big difference and you never know who might need to hear exactly what you have to say.