Sunday, December 8, 2013

Surf and Turf, A Delicious and Nutritious Smoothie Recipe

Our kids in the ocean with a shark, Jamaica
Spring break to Jamaica was one of my family's favorite vacations.  The weather - perfect; the pool -
perfect; the beach - rocky, but perfect; the food - amazing; swimming with the dolphins - unforgettable!  Our all inclusive resort had fresh fruit at every meal.  Dinner had a fruit carving station.
Pineapple, mango, and native fruits we have never had before, and don't know the names of, were plentiful in supply.  No mango will ever compare to the super fresh ones we tasted on this trip.  And now, every time we have really fresh fruit my daughter says "this reminds me of Jamaica" and smiles.

This smoothie recipe we prepared in our Vitamix blender and will make you feel like you are somewhere tropical.

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1 cup water
2 inch slice of pineapple
1 banana
1 orange peeled
1/2 small lime with 1/2 of the peel removed
1 small cucumber (they call them "cute cucumbers" at Costco or 1/3 cup cucumber)
1/2 cup flat leaf parsley (hence the turf)
1 cup ice

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