Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beating Cancer through Physical Fitness

By Melanie Bowen
Exercise can help individuals to recover and return to good health, even after a cancer
diagnosis. At each stage of recovery, there are a variety of light to heavy exercise regimens that are suitable for cancer patients. Each of these routines offers substantial physical and health benefits. With consistent practice, cancer patients can speed their recovery process and improve their overall quality of life.

Light Fitness

A workout is considered light if the individual does not sweat or have problems breathing. During this level of exercise, individuals can normally sing or talk while they work out. While beginning treatment or recovery,

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fall Marathon Training Kick Off Month

This month kicks off fall marathon training.  I am going full out with a month of total fitness before tapering off cardio and adding miles.  I am following my own advice for achieving goals by posting my June calendar.

Step 1 to achieving your goal - put it in writing.
Step 2 to achieving your goal - share it with people who will support you

Link to calendar

Are you running a marathon or a 1/2 marathon this fall?  Let me know if your interested in sharing training tips.

6 Keys to Staying Hydrated

                                  Hydrate                                                                   Nutrate                  ...