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Tricks to Help You Stick to It

  How are you doing on your New Year's resolution?  I don't mean planning on next year's already.  How are you doing with this year's?  Yes, I know. I am the only one still talking about it in May. How unfashionable!

It's not hopeless. You can get back on track with your fitness and nutrition goals with a little help, and a few tricks. Here are some tactics to keep you on track when that devil on your shoulder is trying to tempt you.
1.  Make a workout calendar. I have a separate Outlook calendar for my exercise plan. It puts my goals in writing, getting me one step closer to achieving them, and when you already have your workout planned you can't lay there in bed debating "do I want to go to the gym or go for a run" until, oops, 30 minutes has gone by and it's time to get ready for work. 

2.  Sleep in your workout clothes.  OK, this may not be for everyone.  At least get out your clothes the night before. It's funny how the fashionista only comes out as a time staller helping us avoid getting to our workout. 

3.  Get the app and always check it the day before if you're planning an outdoor workout. This helps immensely with tactic 2 and, if undesirable weather is coming, it's way better to change your plan the night before than use it as an excuse in the morning. 

4.  Put your alarm clock 10 steps away from your bed. Once out of bed there's no stopping you!  

If you exercise later in the day:

5.  Take the batteries out of you TV remote. Don't turn it on.  Not even for a second.  Just a second to catch up turns into minutes and then hours and now it's time for bed. 

If nutrition is a concern:

6.  Pack your lunch the night before. If you're doing great with numbers 1-4 you might not have time to pack a healthy lunch. I find that no matter how good my intentions are I just have no will power when eating out. A little planning and preparation keeps me on track. 

7.  Don't put it in your cart.  Oh sure.  The chips, cookies, and soda is just for the kids. You're not going to touch it. Ah, ah, ah!  If its not in the house to tempt you then you don't have to fight the battle. 

Keep focused.  You can do it!!!!  Change a few minor habits and you can stay on track and crush your goals!


  1. Good tips. (and I love the bunny picture)Judey


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