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It's Not THE Economy Its YOUR Economy

If I were to ask 10 people if they wanted to make more money chances are pretty stacked in my favor that I would get 10 out of 10 that respond with a "yes". If I were to ask on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being minimum wage and 10 being the highest where would you want your earnings to come in. Again, I am certain that I will get a "Level 10" response.

For professionals, their level of income is predetermined by many factors. Experience, education, past earnings, and skill along with the value of the particular position to the organization are a few keys that determine how their income level is set.

No Child Left Inside

Ok, so this spring has totally sucked so far.  You may be asking, "what spring"?  Today is April 14th.
Yesterday, in mid-Michigan it snowed on and off all afternoon and two days ago northern mid-Michigan had a snow day closing schools because of icy conditions.  Many of my friends have posted snow covered cars,  snow covered lawns, and photos of the weather report showing all kinds of wintry weather in April.                   
It is certainly tough to get outdoors ourselves let alone get the kids out of the house, but we have to stay strong, be committed, and get them outside. I am currently taking an online course on gamification.  It is fascinating!  You should check out the free courses available on  .  That's where I found this one.  The first lesson spoke of games and gamers and provided highlights and statistics.  Just one game system listed (my son's favorite) gets over 100,000,000 minutes of active play every month.  Now, I don't believ…