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Overcoming Excuses: I'm Too Tired To...

Thursday night I was driving home from work (with a live (?) hamster lost somewhere in my car - ah! parenthood) making up every excuse why I wouldn't get in my Insanity workout.  It's dark.  I'm tired.  I hear the second phase of Insanity is really really hard.  I'll do a double tomorrow. (yeah right)

I looked at the clock in my car and BAM! I had a total paradigm shift.  Even though I was feeling like it was bedtime it was only 7:30.  The darkness was playing tricks with my mind.  If it had been late June in Michigan, instead of March,  I would be bouncing in my car seat anxious to get home because there would be 2 1/2 hours of daylight left to get in a good run.

It's the dirty trick that wintertime plays on us.  Winter conditions are perfectly suited for sleep.  It is dark outside and it is chilly inside making us want to crawl under the covers and stay there longer, but we don't actually need more sleep.  We just feel that way. 

Sure, our internal clock is triggered by light and dark.  As it gets dark at night our body produces more melatonin making us feel sleepy.  Since there are more hours of darkness in the winter months our pineal gland is producing more melatonin.  This time of year it is still dark late into the morning hours so our sleepy gland is still at work making us feel more groggy in the morning.  It's dark in the early evening hours making us consider going to bed much earlier than we would other times of the year.

You must be mentally tough.  You must determine your goals and really, really, really focus on WHY you want to achieve them.  You must keep your purpose in mind to fight the temptation of sleeping in.  You must  resolve to not plop down on the couch when you get home from work even though it is dark outside and you feel too sleepy to do anything else. 

If your boss were to ask you "are you too tired to be successful" you certainly wouldn't respond with a "yes" would you?  Do your actions reflect that?

Here's what Jim Rohn would say "Your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become."

Pick up a book.  Write in your journal.  Go for a run.  Pop in an Insanity DVD.  Get to it!

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