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Five For Success

One of my favorite business and personal development authors is John Maxwell.  In his most recent book he put together what he calls a compilation of his life's work, The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.  The CEO of my company is rather obsessed with names and numbers and numbers and names.  The title of this book is right in his wheelhouse.  15, that is specific and measurable.  Invaluable, now that is very descriptive.

Invaluable; having great value that is impossible to calculate. 

Just by definition who wouldn't want 15 principles of such great value that it is impossible to calculate?

 I wrote a while  back about one of the laws that really struck a cord with me The Law of 5. 

Law of 5 - What 5 things, if  done every day, will help you reach all of your goals? Achieve greater success?  Fulfill your dreams?  Help you live a better life?

You might find, as I did, that it is easy to come up with the first three or four.  I came up with these...
  1. Read
  2. Write
  3. Run
  4. Connect
But then I was stuck on #5.  And, I stayed stuck for several months. 

Then, I did what is very rare for me (and  probably you too).  I asked for help.  We had just started a new 2013 tradition of eating in the dining room at least one night a week (more on that later) and I asked my family for help.  Now, we are all clowns by nature at my house, and this turned somewhat into a comedy show for a minute, but then things started coming together.  I had mentioned a conversation with the CEO and he said "you can never give a bad presentation.  You always have to be prepared and you have to present like it will be the last presentation you ever give or it might just be that."

My husband turned that into "rock the room".  Since 4 out of 5 start with Rrrrr my daughter tweaked connect and now I have my 5.
  1. Read
  2. Write
  3. Run
  4. Relate
  5. Rock the Room
Read, take care of your mental self.
Write, take your personal growth to the next level
Run, take care of your physical self.  Get oxygen to the brain to pull out your creative senses and perform better all day long!
Relate, take care of your social self.  Establish more than an aquaintance with people.  Build a connection.
Rock the room, play full out when it matters the most.

What are your 5? 

How did you come up with them?

Please comment below.


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