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P90X Graduate

We did it!  We finished 90 days of P90X!  In spite of turkey temptations at Thanksgiving and tantalizing tiramisu at Christmas (not very traditional, but we love it) and bountiful bubbles at New Years we stuck to it and finished the entire 90 days of extreme workouts. 

Wow!  Looking back I remember the first week and not being able to do even one wide arm pull up.  I can still only do 3 or 4, but each one is a self gratifying moment of glory.  There is an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment going through this program. 

Here's what I found to be ultra rewarding:
  • being good 90% of the time and cheating 10%
  • realizing I needed to eat MORE calories every day
  • metamorphosing from extremely tired to extremely energized
  • doing crane for the first time if only for a second or two
  • looking in the mirror and watching the physical transformation
  • improving my running time (I even took first place in my age group for a 5k)
  • being able to choose any dress I wanted for the holiday parties
  • getting in the best physical shape in my life in my 40's
  • living regret free
There's no satisfaction like self satisfaction! 

If  you are considering doing P90X give me a shout   

My results:
  • defined muscle tone
  • stronger core
  • increased endurance (and I have run 5 marathons previous to this program)
  • flexibility that I had no idea I had
  • increased balance (still a challenge, but I started with none)
  • better running times
  • better mood (love those workout endorphins) 
  • better eating habits
  • better organization (there's a lot of planning involved to make sure you get your workouts in)
Are you looking to improve your health in 2013?  What steps are you taking?


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