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how traditions get started

We are reading a book about detail and sweating the small stuff in our book club.  This is super important when it comes to the holidays and family tradition.  A little detail that you may overlook could be the one that they are anticipating.  We happened upon our Easter traditions by accident. 
My family always hid the decorated eggs for Easter when we were growing up. I thought that this would be a great tradition to carry on when our daughter was old enough to hunt for eggs. We painted a dozen of them, and after she went to bed we incorporated a tradition from my husbands family; the outdoor Easter egg hunt.  Good thing she wasn't aware of the Easter holiday and wasn't expecting an egg hunt because our first kid, our golden lab Elvis, ate all one dozen of those pretty painted eggs before our daughter woke up. 
The next year we still painted eggs, but we purchased plastic ones for our egg hunt. Amateurs with the plastic eggs the next morning we found that the wind had blown th…