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Passion Wins Every Time

For weeks I have felt like I was living in a parallel universe. I could see what was happening around me. I could hear the conversations I was a part of.  I know that I was physically there, but I didn't feel like I was really a part of what was going on. I felt like I was observing from outside. Watching my life instead of living my life. 
When my hubby asked me if I wanted to join him on a business trip to San Antonio I was thrilled. I knew all I needed was a chance to slow down for a moment to get back into the groove - my groove. I had no idea where San Antonio was, except in Texas, and I had no idea what it was about, but I knew I could catch my breath there. 
Imagine how super excited I was to see San Antonio. It caters to everything I love. It is all about the outdoors.  The river walk is amazing and the perfect venue for a morning run.  Yesterday I got in a 10k and I plan on doing the same route today.

 And, the food!  Wow!  There is too much to choose from.  I decided it would be impossible to choose so I would leave it up to the locals. Once I found out they lived in San Antonio I hit them up for recommendations. Everyone's first response was Bohanan's. It was near our hotel and we had peered into the windows several times. It definitely caught our interest. It is a steak house with a remarkable menu (they have eggplant prepared 2 different ways as side options - yummy), but it is super pricey and I almost felt like the natives were recommending it because it is the most expensive place in town. 
I kept at it. Asking everyone what their favorite was. Then I met Theresa.  She also recommended Bohanan's.  As we continued talking she told me about her move to San Antonio 7 years ago and how she has memorized the boat tour message because every time her family visits they have to take the tour. Then, she told me about where her and her husband take their family to dinner when they visit. This in itself was almost enough to make my decision for me, but she went on.  Theresa described the table side preparation of guacamole and how she studies it carefully and tries to replicate it at home, but can never get it as good as theirs even though she uses oranges instead of limes just as they do.  She wonders as to how they always have perfect avocados when they are so hard to buy in the store. Then she recalls ordering a portobello tostada, something she said she wouldn't normally order, but sounded interesting that day. The presentation of the dish was so magnificent she said that she was almost embarrassed, but fended off her family when they tried to sneak bites. 
You never know when you're talking to a stranger what bar they measure by and how it compares to your own. For example, I was listening to a radio program and a caller described taking a date to a super expensive, fine dining restaurant, and then told us it was PF Changs. I love PF Changs, but probably wouldn't classify it this way. However, I didn't need to know where Theresa's bar was. I heard her passion. No one had a great story about Bohanan's.  No one took all of their family there or marveled over the fresh ingredients. Her passion was contagious.  I couldn't wait to share this experience with my husband. Passion didn't just win over price. Passion won over everything. 
Boudro's was everything she described. The prickly pear margaritas were spectacular.  The guacamole was phenomenal and the service was as equally great. I had a difficult time choosing and asked my server to surprise me. He didn't skip a beat (amazing, right). He smiled and went off and brought me the most magnificent steak ever. If you're ever in San Antonio you have to try Boudro's. 
All emotions, not just passion, are contagious. What feelings are you spreading?


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