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Christmas Traditions

Most people put an angel at the top of their Christmas tree.  Some place a star.  We have a very unique Christmas tree topper.  We top our tree with Pinocchio.  Angels grant wishes and you can wish upon a star, but Pinocchio is proof that if you want something bad enough you can get it.  He's beautiful Italian glass, but we didn't go all the way to Italy to get him.  We traveled to Frankenmuth to the magical world of Christmas ornaments at Bronners.  This is one of our holiday traditions.

Another tradition at our house is held on Christmas Eve.  We feast on foods that no other family I'm aware of makes and no one can spell.  There's the simple turkey mint meatballs and hummus and other dunks for our bread and such.  Then there's the sauerkraut balls and what we call b-word because although we've mastered the recipe it was never put in writing.  Not one member of our family knows how to spell this concoction of tomato, breadcrumbs, and cheese wrapped in the thin…