Friday, November 5, 2010


Even though I shared with you all that why I run reason 103 is because I have no coordination, I thought I would challenge myself and try something new - Zumba.
If you can laugh at yourself, Zumba is the class for you.  If you need to learn how to laugh at yourself, Zumba is the class for you. 
Another first timer who was working out next to me said, "I can't do this without smiling".  It's true.  The Latin and reggae music is fantastically fun and the dance moves make you want to transport someplace exotic.  It is more like going to a party then going to a fitness class.
How good of a workout is it?  It is extremely aerobic and you use a large range of motion making the calories burned range from 500-900 per hour.  Not bad.

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