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The Costco Challenge

Costco to me is a challenge in so many ways.  Do not spend too much challenge.  Don't be tempted by the junk food  challenge.  I am too tired to push my cart through this huge store challenge.  Don't buy everything those cute old ladies want to sell you challenge (actually it's the old Italian guy that always gets me)

I have had a rough week, but I am a jerk for thinking that anything I have to face even measures up.
With my head hung low pushing my mammoth cart to the door there was another customer ahead of me in line to exit the store today. He didn't catch my attention because he bought the same things I bought even though I am a cart snoop.  He caught my attention because he had not one, but two prosthetic legs.

It reminded me of a gift from the wife of a co-worker.  She bought me a book a few years back called God Winks.  The premise of the book is to keep your eyes open and don't believe in coincidence because what you  think is coincidence is really God sending you a sign.  I am not religious.  My initial thought was that it was a strange gift to receive, but I read it out of respect.  The book is fabulous.  My take away when I read it was everyone needs to have faith no matter where it comes from. Who doesn't want to believe that there is someone out there showing us the way.

I needed to be reminded of human strength today.  I was winked at.


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